Thursday, August 25, 2011

Motivation and podcasts

As a runner, especially a self-professed lazy runner, finding motivation halfway through a running program can be a bit difficult. The music from my iPod gets boring, the treadmill gets annoying, and getting my lazy butt to the gym is a challenge. However, I have found a way to get a second wind and move forward in my program. There are several podcasts that can help a runner get that foot out the door. One of the best ones I have found is MotionTraxx.

MotionTraxx is an interesting conglomeration of tech-style music organized by BPM, allowing the runner to choose the speed of the music for the type of workout expected. Yesterday, I chose a tribal drum beat at 170 BPM and was able to finish a 5 mile run in 45:05. The track continued for over an hour, allowing time for a 10K or better, depending on the runner's stride and speed. There are also interval options where the narrator dictates your workout for you. After some speedwork on Tuesday, I selected this option. The workout was hill intervals, mostly walking. The directions to increase/decrease the incline/speed of the treadmill were preceded by a little bell jingle so that I was sure to pay attention to the new direction. It is a little less than half an hour and provided a good workout for my glutes. I also love that each workout states the halfway point, in case the runner is doing an out and back, or just wants to know where they are. There is only one issue I think could use improvement: the music starts fast on many of the tracks and it would be nice to have a slower warmup and a slower cool down incorporated so that the runner doesn't have to change the track.

Another that I have been listening to for years is the Indie Soup Runner. While there are no directions or specific workouts, there is a good up and down movement of the music to allow for good warmup time, as well as cool down. The music follows a theme rather than BPM and is alternative in nature.

Podcasts are typically free (at least the ones I look for), and provide a great conduit for new music to be heard. When I get to try out a new venue, I look forward to my next run. I can't wait to hear what the podcast has in store for me and I love that there is a new one every month. Now, time to get on the treadmill. Speedwork today, so I am thinking 180 BPM!

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