Friday, March 30, 2012

Too busy to blog?

Life is crazy busy right now. I am still running, but I am also preparing for a Customs Broker examination, setting up a division of my new company. However, I have had a couple of awesome races:

1. The Color Run in Las Vegas most fun run ever! My oldest and I ran this 5K. Time wasn't kept but if we were to be judged based on how painted we got, we definitely would have won! I really don't think is was a full 5K, either. But, it was a blast and really a great way to just get out there and enjoy the art of running (pun intended!).

2. Run Away with Cirque du Soleil: timed 5K race where I hit a PR: 28:30.34. I am pretty happy with this. I still want to cut down the time by 4 minutes, but it will take a lot of training. The race itself was OK. Pretty crowded at the start and I lost a minute trying to get through the people.

I have a 10K in 3 weeks. My goal is to finish in less than 58 minutes. The course is an uphill start. I am working on my longevity. Time is fleeting, so finding the time to spend on the treadmill is getting a little more difficult. I was able to get a few outdoor runs in over March, but the weather has been rather unpredictable lately. Pretty soon, I will be confined to the treadmill due to the heat of Las Vegas.

I am going to try to blog after each race. I think it is good to keep a running log of races so that I know rather or not to sign up for the same race next year.

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