Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Meeting/beating goals!

OK, so yesterday was a great day on the treadmill. I had originally scheduled a lifting class, but since I missed my run on Monday, I thought it better to take my stress out on my legs. Man, am I glad I did! Last week, I managed a 5K run in 29:45, which isn't too bad for me. I am typically a pretty slow runner, so I was happy to beat 30 minutes. Yesterday, though, I maintained a higher than normal pace, really striving to challenge myself rather than reverting to my lazy ways. It wasn't so hard that I thought I would drop, and I probably could have churned out another mile at a slower pace, so I know it was a good pace for me. I was thrilled when I passed 3.1 miles in 28:44, taking an entire minute off of my previous time! My goal is to get 5K in less than 23 minutes flat. That is a mile every 7:25. Right now that seems very fast, but as I lose weight and continue to train, I know I will get down there eventually!
Why 5K in less than 23? Well, my goal before I turn 35 (in 2012) is to qualify for Boston. According to my race pace calculator, that means an average pace of 8:25/mile for the distance of a marathon. If the calculator is correct, that means running a 5K at race pace in 23:02. Right now, I can achieve this speed with a sprint on flat ground. Carrying it on for 3 miles though...yikes! But, I do not despair! My goal weight is 22 pounds away, which means I can drop another 2 minutes per mile with proper training. It won't be easy, but I am looking forward to getting there!

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