Wednesday, July 20, 2011

GF followers, beware!

OMG! So, I have been treating myself with the yummy and fabulous Java Chip Frappuccino, thinking it was just milk, chocolate, whip and so on. No, no, no! Apparently, there is some form of gluten involved in the creation. I managed to get the worse headache, which is finally waning, and a serious tummy upset. I looked it up and it seems all Fraps are OK EXCEPT Java-Chip. Ugh! That so sucks! I contacted Starbucks to find out the deal, so I will report their answer later. So not feeling great right now!

Yesterday, against my body's wishes, I forced myself to the gym for the free weight class. It was good and I was glad I went. This morning, I managed a 5K in 29:20 at a nice easy pace. I was supposed to do a full 45 minute run, but it seems the treadmill did not agree with my plans. It timed out at 30 minutes and forced a cool down. I spoke with the staff and they said I simply picked the wrong one. So, tomorrow I have a 50 minute run scheduled and I know to stay away from number 4. Let's hope number 3 is more compliant to my wishes!

Next week I will be home. My contract with my client is ending, and I am actually pretty happy about it. I prefer to work from home. I didn't think I would, but the freedom of getting my work done at my leisure rather than someone else's schedule appeals to me. I also have a lot of office cleaning that needs to happen, not to mention some yard work! Plus, it gives me a couple of weeks with my girls before they start back to school. C has a pretty hectic schedule starting soon, so it will be good to be home for that. The only problem will be my lack of income. I am hoping I find another client soon. Writing business plans will be much better than acting as someone's lacky!

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