Thursday, July 14, 2011

Lovin' the downhill!

I love running downhill. You can run totally relaxed and feeling slow, but you have gained a full minute on your typical run. Today, my first mile was in 8:30 and my second was in 8:18. It was nice to gain so much ground so fast, but when it was time for the last half mile, which is mostly uphill, I was ready to die! I really hate uphills! But, I do not run away from them all the time. Tomorrow morning, I have to go pick up my car that I dropped off today. And, you guessed it, since I dropped it off and got to run downhill, tomorrow I have to run up hill to pick it up. What goes down must go up, right? I expect my times will be more in the 10-11 minute range, but it is good practice. Uphill running is amazing for that gluteus maximus! If only my lungs could keep up with my legs!

I will check back tomorrow, if I make it!

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