Thursday, July 7, 2011

To gym or not to gym

They say that the gym can become an addiction. I have always thought this was an addiction I would like to have, mistakenly believing that the compulsive need to go to the gym would make it easier. But, I have come to discover that addiction to the gym, or exercise addiction, is a serious issue. According to, exercise addiction is present when the addict overvalues the exercise to social obligations (family, work, etc).

Now, why do I broach this subject? Well, tonight is the last night my hubby is home for a couple of months and a part of me wants to take the day off and go home right after work. But, the runner in me wants to complete the 45 minute pace run I have scheduled for this afternoon. That same part of me says the kids will be taking a lot of hubby's attention and they probably won't miss the hour long furlough if I do it on my way home. This decision is usually seen as a no brainer: take an extra rest day and go home. But, it really isn't that easy for me. Where does the desire to run meet with the compulsion? If I choose the gym for an hour, does that mean I have crossed some imaginary line or that I am simply dedicated to my plan?

I am lucky, though. Hubby loves to meet me at the gym and so the decision has been made for me. I am such a wuss!

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